Upscale move


Since 2004, Club Med has achieved an exceptional upscale transition in response to the new expectations of its international customer base. Implementation of this strategy has been built around an ambitious programme of resort openings and refurbishments, and the refocusing of its business on its 4- and 5-Trident offer.

A comprehensive reinterpretation of the Resort portfolio

Club Med has repositioned itself in the upscale segment of the world tourism market, and is rolling out a constant flow of new ideas in response to the expectations of today’s more demanding international customers. The Group has invested €1 billion in opening and refurbishing a large number of resorts, and closing those unable to meet the standards imposed by the upscale move.

As part of making its resorts outstanding destinations in their own right, Club Med has commissioned a series of leading architects and designers to create its new holiday environments: names like Jacques Garcia, Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet, Jean-Philippe Nuel, François Champsaur and Sophie Jacquin are now involved in creating the soul of Club Med worldwide.

4- and 5-Trident Resorts central to Group strategy

Club Med has refocused its offer on 4- and 5-Trident Resorts. Uniquely comfortable, with tailored luxury and bespoke services: this range is being constantly expanded with new features that combine comfort with sophistication, friendliness and contemporary lifestyles.

4- and 5-Trident Resorts now represent two-thirds of the entire Club Med range.

The 5-Trident category: even more luxurious

Club Med launched its 5-Trident Resorts and Spaces in December 2007. As icons of a new art of travel, these unique spaces offer exceptional features and services in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.