Developing more sustainably means responding more effectively to the two great fundamental challenges of our times: environmental pressures and human conflict.

If our company is to play its part in rising to these challenges, we must improve the way we manage the impacts our business has on them… without changing what we are, of course! This requires us to identify these impacts so that we can minimise the negative ones and develop the good ones, and ultimately report on the actions we have taken.

This is the thinking that underlies our policy.


Ever since 1950, the history, values, and culture of Club Med have been focused on forging and applying a particularly strong conviction: that the happiness we offer our clients should be shared while respecting others and the natural world.

Its development in countries of different cultures and diverse economic, social, and environmental challenges has engendered a spirit of responsibility and respect throughout our history. This way of living and working is now more important than ever.

Henri Giscard d’Estaing


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By signing the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, Club Med reasserts its commitment for a sustainable tourism.

Discover the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism on OMT website or download it here.